Guide for New Users

[Quotation] Inputting the necessary information.

Input the necessary information and click "Next".  All of the orange fields must be filled in.

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Frequently asked question

・I wish to add a new Ship to address. ⇒ "Registration of Ship to address"
・I do not understand how to use the file upload ("Import from File")function. ⇒ "File upload function"
・I do not understand the Express ⇒ "Volume Discount & Express information"
・An error appeared when I clicked the Next button. ⇒ "Quotation correction screen"

Overall view

Customer PO Reference
Input your in-company reference PO No. at your option. The quotation No. (up to 25 alphanumeric characters) will be indicated in the quotation history or invoice.
Invoice to
Input or change the information a recipient of "Invoice to", as necessary.
Ship to
Input or change the information a recipient of "Ship to", as necessary. This information will be printed on the invoice.
Click the "Change Address" button to change the Ship to address.
(The upper white field) Input Customer Item Reference for your internal use at your option.
(The lower orange field) Input MISUMI Part No. and its quantity.

Express is a fee-based service and we can manufacture products in shorter lead-time. Please use the express service if you are in a hurry.
Express A: 5rd business day ⇒ 3rd business day shipping,  Express B: 7th business day ⇒ 5th business day shipping

If any error occurs…
Follow the message. For the specific example ⇒ Click here

  • Useful tips

How to reduce the time for input?

Using the "Copy & Past Function" or "File Upload Function" helps the time of input shorter.

・Excel data such as BOM can be utilized for obtaining a quotations or placing orders easily. ⇒ "Copy & Paste Function"

・CSV file or TSV file can be utilized for quotations and orders without converting such file to another file format. ⇒ "File upload function"