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[Quotation] Detailed history of quotations

This screen shows the details of the obtained quotation.

Overall view

Days to Ship
In Progress: your quotation has not been finalized yet.
Holding: your quotation is on hold due to error. you are now waiting a reply from MISUMI or need to reply back to MISUMI.
Processed: your quotation has been finalized.
Ordered: you have converted your quotation to an actual order.
Convert to Order
Place orders for items with a check mark in the left column.
Items with a Quotation Status of "Processed" are available for order.
Items with a Quotation Status of "Holding" or "Ordered" are not available for order:
To re-order items with a Quotation Status of "Ordered," please click "Get New Quotation" or place a new direct order.
Items with Quotation Status of "Holding" must be resolved to "Processed" status before ordering.
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