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[Quotation] Detailed history of quotations

This screen shows the details of the obtained quotation.

Overall view

Days to Ship
In Progress: your quotation has not been finalized yet.
Holding: your quotation is on hold due to error. you are now waiting a reply from MISUMI or need to reply back to MISUMI.
Processed: your quotation has been finalized.
Ordered: you have converted your quotation to an actual order.
Convert to Order
Place orders for items with a check mark in the left column.
Items with a Quotation Status of "Processed" are available for order.
Items with a Quotation Status of "Holding" or "Ordered" are not available for order:
To re-order items with a Quotation Status of "Ordered," please click "Get New Quotation" or place a new direct order.
Items with Quotation Status of "Holding" must be resolved to "Processed" status before ordering.
Add to Cart
After added to your shopping cart.
You can open the cart directly.

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