Guide for New Users

[Order] Confirming the details of order.

See the information displayed on the screen.  Click "Back" if any of the information needs to be corrected.
Click "Place Order" if all the information is correct. You can print a file copy of the order once you have completed this process.

Overall view

Shipping details
This section shows the shipping preference (All item shipment, Partial shipment or Manual) and delivery company.

When order approval is requested…
The order entry process is the same, except for the order confirmation screen. Users without ordering permission will need to select an approver to review the order request.
Normally, the [Place Order] button appears here. If a user does not have ordering permission, the [Request Order Approval] button displays.

When you click [Request Order Approval], an approval request e-mail is sent to the approver you designated.
Next, the order will be complete if approved. If a request is rejected or returned, a notification e-mail will be sent to the user who requested approval.

How to Apply Coupon

By inputting the coupon code you have and clicking "Apply" button,
you can apply the coupon to your order/quotation.

When the coupon is properly applied, you would find the details of the coupon discount for each record of the unit prices and total prices.
You can refer to the Terms and conditions for the usage of coupon from the following link below.
About the usage of coupon

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