Guide for New Users

[Order] Detailed history of orders

This screen shows the details of the placed orders. The name of the delivery company and Tracking No. will also be displayed once the items have been shipped.

Overall view

Approval Pending: Your order approval request is not yet processed by the approver.
Rejected: The approver rejected your order request.
Returned: The approver returned your order request for revision.
In Progress: your order has not been finalized yet.
Holding: your order is on hold due to error.: you are now waiting a reply from MISUMI or need to reply back to MISUMI.
Processed: your order has been finalized.
Shipped: The ordered products have been shipped.
Cancelled: your order has been cancelled.

If there is any item on hold…
Print-out in pdf is not available. The amount of the items on hold is not included in the total amount.

Add to Cart
After added to your shopping cart.
You can open the cart directly.