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[Quotation] Searching the quotation history

Specify the search conditions and display options, and then, click "Search".
Quotation No. may help you to search quickly.

Overall view

Search Conditions
Quotation Date
This field must be filled in. You can either directly input or select the date from the calendar button.
When you specify a long period of time, searching may take some time.

In Progress: your quotation has not been finalized yet.
Holding: your quotation is on hold due to error. you are now waiting a reply from MISUMI or need to reply back to MISUMI.
Processed: your quotation has been finalized.
Ordered: you have converted your quotation to an actual order.

Quoted Via
This cannot be changed in case of quotation.

Quoted User
If All Users is selected, quotations obtained by the same Customer Code will be displayed. Specify the user if you wish to limit the search.
Display Options
Display for
Click "Header" if you wish to display the search results per quotation. On the other hand, click "Details" if you wish to display the search results per product.
Customize my download
All fields will download by default. To choose fields you want to download, click "Customize my download".